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How do I know if I need therapy?

This is a fundamental question, how do we know when is the moment that we need to seek help from a professional? 

Usually, people seek counselling or psychotherapy, when the symptoms provoked by any issue they might be suffering from, become unmanageable. This is usually the moment when most damages was already suffered. Usually, some of our defences cease to function and we become aware that something is not quite right. It should not be like this. 

I believe that therapy ideally, should become a part of your lifestyle. We should be attending to our psychic organs, the same way we are attending to our bodily organs. Good practice indicates that people engaged in long term therapy are generally better equipped to deal with daily stressors of our modern age.

What happens during the first appointment?

I understand that for many, this will be a very difficult moment. Meeting your therapist for the first time, with all the worries and doubts about the process itself, and on top, talking about very difficult emotions, or problems you were dealing with for a long time. 

I understand that this can quickly provoke a sense of shame, and a sense of being somehow inherently bad. This is why, particularly during the initial session, I like to take time, and not rush into questions around your problems, but allow the space that you need in order to get comfortable and begin to relax in my presence. 

This session is a great opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you have (mostly about psychotherapy or about myself as a practitioner).

Transparency and clear contracting

During the initial stages of therapy (1-3 sessions), we will understand whether we are a good match and whether we want to engage in the work together. 

This is a crucial moment, where I will require your honesty and openness, I will state my conditions under which the work can proceed and if we come to a mutual agreement, and we are both happy to proceed, the real work can begin.

How much does the therapy cost?

Individual Therapy costs £60 for 50 min session

Couples Counselling costs £100 for 80 min session

I offer concessions which can be negotiated according to what is your capacity to pay.

I accept cash and bank transfers, PayPal and bitcoin.

Please make sure that you have paid for the session at the beginning of each session,
or made the payment via bank transfer before the session starts.


My cancellation policy is normally a week’s notice prior to the session. Of course, sometimes we cannot predict what might happen during the week, so I would generally allow later cancellations. Up to 48 hours cancellation will be subject to a cancellation fee of £20. If the cancellation is effected 24 hours or less before the session, I will ask you to pay the session in full.
Usually, I will be able to offer you another slot during the week, should you be able to cancel the session in good time.

Other languages

I can offer therapy in English, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian.

Happy Stories

From Happy Customers
My sessions with Dorotea have been nothing short of brilliant and life-changing. I came into therapy to deal with anxiety and over the course of our sessions I have new tools, perspectives and ultimately more confidence to life. I cannot recommend enough!
- A.F.
Being in therapy with Dorotea has been a unique and wonderful experience which I'm sure I will treasure for a long time. She holds a very warm and genuine space and is extremely responsive and sensitive to your personal story, without putting her own agenda in the room. Dorotea allows and encourages you to be just as you are. She has an openness and a humour which I find important to the process and I am finding our work together highly nourishing and transformational. Thank you Dorotea!
- R.M.
I started therapy during lockdown whilst living through some experiences that felt I couldn't manage on my own. I appreciated Dorotea’s availability, as she responded to my request promptly and offered a first consultation just shortly after. She was also happy to accomodate a more frequent initial approach – where we met twice a week – and then to decrease to one session a week, once I felt that I was more emotionally and intellectually equipped to deal with my issues. In just a few months, I feel I have been able to get a better sense of the issues that troubles me and to find a better way to navigate them daily, whilst I also developed an understanding of the journey ahead. I also appreciate Dorotea’s approach to therapy – a practice which is more understood as an exchange and in which Dorotea is quite “present” within the session, yet without overpowering my views and ideas.
- A.A.

My Professional Credentials

You Are In Good Hands
Dorotea Pospihalj therapy credentials BACP
Metanoia institute therapy credentials
UKCP counselling and psychotherapy london credentials

What You Will Gain

Fulfilling and loving relationship with self and others
Building inner resources and personal resilience
A deeper understanding of the emotional experience
Being heard and understood by empathic other

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Please note: I have limited slots available. Book your session today to reserve your spot.

I value your privacy. Your contact data won’t be used in any other way.