My Approach To Therapy

What is relational approach to psychotherapy?

Guiding principles that are at the centre of relational philosophy, that are self-evident and common to all humans

Centrality of the relationship

we are social beings, that require interpersonal relating in order to grow and develop

Experience within the relationship

rather than cognitive insight, which is important, relational approach values the experiential aspect of being in the relationship that might embody and effectively alter the older forms of relating

Subjectivity + self-subjectivity = Intersubjectivity

This is the part where my subjectivity and your subjectivity create a third space, called intersubjective third (space). What emerges in this space, between two subjects that recognise self and other, is the opportunity for challenging and expanding in new ways of relating. This is the space where the client and the therapist both put their selves to work, and as a result of the process, come out transformed, changed

Importance of engagement

The principle of the relational approach to therapy emphasises the engagement of the therapist in the process of therapy. Which means that she is not a passive observer, nor does she adopt the logic of ‘being done to (passive) and doer (active) in the therapeutic relationship. According to Benjamin (1995), relational perspectives is ‘an enquiry into the questions of common concern that come to the fore as a result of the adoption of a two-person model.’

Curiosity, criticism and creativity

Freedom to learn and freedom to practice. Freedom to engage and understand new aspects of the self through a creative and ever-evolving dynamic of a therapeutic relationship. There is no creativity without criticism. I will expect you to challenge yourself as well as myself as a practitioner.

“It will happen but it will take time.”

― John Bowlby

Psychotherapy during COVID-19 pandemic?

During these uncertain times and extended isolation, our mental health can be greatly impacted.

I believe that it is of great importance that we start talking about how lockdown has impacted us and still continues to do so.

Many have a good social and supportive network, however, sometimes it is hard to open up and talk about our daily struggles.

Psychotherapy offers us space where we can explore our mental health problems without fear of being judged or criticised.

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